Projects: Urban Renewal

The Pinui Binui Program, (Literally "evacuation & construction") is a program initiated by the state of Israel, operating under the ministry of construction and housing since 1998 - thus in order to utilize the land available in the cities of Israel fully, to improve the lives and life quality of tenants by entrepreneurial projects. In a Pinui Binui project the buildings are destroyed and new construction takes place instead, while maintaining the construction rights within the bounds of the law. Thus the infrastructure, the roads, the environment, the parks and the area all around the project change completely and undergo a process of enhancement and added value.

As part of the activity of Esther Avraham, we implement Pinui Binui projects in central cities in Israel. The result for the tenants is the added value to the property, the improvement of the environment and infrastructure, becoming new and modern, the upgrade of the street, the parks, the surroundings, the shops, the roads and more - including setting up new gardens and even combinations of commercial and residential areas to raise the quality of life of the tenants. The entrepreneurial project is planned such that the tenants do not incur any costs.

We believe in elaborate, high quality development that puts the tenants first - we take care of their needs, upgrade and add value to their properties, and enhance their lives as the basis of success for the entire project.

We invite you to upgrade to a new living environment that is both modern and of the highest quality - with Esther Avraham Holdings.

Projects & Successes - Pinui Binui

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