Projects: Preservation

Building preservation, or preservation projects, are projects that are implemented on properties that have a historic, cultural and architectural value. In fact these buildings are recognized by the municipality as buildings that must be preserved in order to maintain the unique and special facade of the city. However, many of these buildings have grown old and require proactive activities to reconstruct, maintain and restore their original appearance, and even renew their infrastructure to a more modern, high quality infrastructure.

Entrepreneurial preservation projects utilize excess building rights and may transfer them to another property in the area or add additional floor to an existing property, and perform a thorough upgrade to the building undergoing preservation. The process of preservation requires much specialty knowledge and expertise, and Esther Avraham brings the top experts and leading architects that specialize in preservation in order to ensure the project is implemented in the best way to both add value to the property and preserve it's historic value and appearance.

Projects & Successes - Preservation


The Heshmonaim 60, Tel Aviv

The project in the area of preservation, in which we preserve the classic appearance of the building and add a new front and enlarge the building itself, while preserving the look and style of the original house.

Status: in the process of receiving a construction permit

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