Projects: Commercial-Residential

In the modern world one of the concepts of urban planning is the combination of commercial and residential areas, and it has become a trend that is high in demand, and thus residential buildings are connected to offices, markets, shops and commercial areas to create a balance and to enhance the prosperity and financial benefits to the city, adds value to the tenant properties and residential areas, and adds new venues of leisure, added comfort, security and savings to the tenants.

We believe in the approach of urban renewal that combines commercial and residential areas in order to enhance and add more value to the properties, as well as elevate the quality of life for the tenants, thus adding boutique cafes, restaurants, small shops, cultural and artistic centers, markets and even offices and other commercial areas all create a connection and wonderful synergy with a modern living environment, so the city benefits and is enriched by activity and life. This type of combination is young, fresh and inviting - and encourages younger populations to move into the city and raises the demand for the properties and thus their value.

Combining Commercial & Residential Areas


The City Market Complex, HaYaalom 8, Netanya

When one considers the Netanya Market, one of the most recognized symbols of the city, the first images that come to mind are the yells of the peddlers, colorful produce of fruits, vegetables and herbs, and home-cooked style restaurants that serve authentic Tripolian food. But now the market will become a unique culinary and cultural leisure complex. Behold the Netanya market, model 2017.
Nova, the market renewal project, is the flagship project of the company, totalling approximately 100 million NIS.

Status: the construction was completed and the apartments handed over to the tenants

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