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Founder and owner

Avraham Gavriel Avraham

Avraham is an attorney and a well known, experienced real estate entrepreneur, who successfully led tens of projects of urban renewal, preservation and combinations of residential and commercial areas. His specialty and leadership in creating innovative legal and financial tools in the world of real estate allows the maximization of the potential and added value of the projects.

Idan Zilberbuch

Idan Zilberbuch Adv. is a leading lawyer in the field of urban renewal, and is an integral part of Esther Avraham from the beginning. Idan leads the legal department of Esther Avraham.

Dan Luria

Dan Luria is a Dual-B.Sc. Graduate in Physics and Electrical Engineering from the Tel Aviv University, well versed in the areas of construction and real estate and is responsible for the creating of innovative and technological tools that allow maximization of opportunities and higher added value to our projects. Dan Luria is head of the innovation department in Esther Avraham.

Anna Levin

Anna Levin Adv. is an experienced lawyer dealing with both legal and marketing aspects, and is responsible for the full legal infrastructure and marketing of the projects in Esther Avraham.

Hila Gerbalsky

Hila is a B.A. graduate in accounting, management and economics from the Tel Aviv University. She was the manager in the IT Advisory in KPMG and was assessing risks, structuring ERP systems and advising projects in the area of IT and big data. Hila is the financial manager in the Netanya Renewal Company.

Yelena Asterkin

The success of Tama 38 projects or Pinui Binui projects depends largely on the cooperation of the property owners. As part of the accompaniment process and our commitment to disclosing the full information to the tenants, Yelena provides caring and uncompromising service. Yelena is a tenant service manager in the Netanya Renewal Company.

Tania Yusilevich

In the course of her work, Tania provides organization and accompaniment to tenants and property owners in various Tama 38 projects and does so skillfully, with care and unwavering professionalism. Having a first degree in mathematics, Tania also has much experience in the area of accounting. Tania is a tenant service manager in the Netanya Renewal Company.

Natalie Shtivi

Natalie has many years of experience of administrative work for real estate companies. She is the administrative manager in Esther Avraham.

Rani Debisi

Rani Debisi is a legal aid and accompanies Adv. Zilberbuch in the legal department of Esther Avraham.

Dolly Shtabon

In the course of her work, Dolly is a primary point of contact for information and communication between the company and property owners in the various projects in all stages of construction and permits. Dolly speaks French and was the former marketing & advertising manager in major radio stations in France. Dolly accompanies and markets ongoing projects. Dolly is a tenant service manager in the Netanya Renewal Company.

Anna Gonta

Anna has much experience in the areas of real estate and high-tech, which she brings to her work with property owners. In the course of the accompaniment process, the support and providing information to property owners during the various stages of matching project potential, Anna is a role model of uncompromising professionalism and a high level of customer service. Anna is a tenant service manager in the Netanya Renewal Company.

Shany Haviv

Shany Haviv attorney at law is a lawyer with much experience in the area of real estate, specializing specifically in urban renewal, Tama 38. Attorney Haviv is the head of the legal team in the Netanya Renewal Company.

Liran Ben Shoshan

Liran Ben Shohan is a civil construction engineer, having much experience and specializing in building strengthening. She is responsible for creating more effective planning and engineering processes in the company. She enhances and leads the company towards better and more effective performance. Liran is the head of the engineering department in the Netanya Renewal Company.

Korin Swisa

Korin has over 10 years of experience in management and marketing, including improving and running branding processes, advertising and managing digital media (including online marketing and social media) - Korin is the head of tenant service & relations in the Netanya Renewal Company.

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