Corporate Divisions

Esther Avraham's Corporate Divisions

In order to accompany the projects fully every step of the way, there are dedicated corporate divisions within the companies helt by Esther Avraham that provide a full service solution to the tenants during the project cycle.

Tenant Service & Relations Division

The division of tenant service & relations is available for any question or inquiry, guided by our belief that success in the project stems from success for our tenants first. We are readily available to you, and would be happy to help, explain, and provide timely updates in every stage of the process.

The Financial Division

The financial division provides the ongoing reports for the entire project cycle, to ensure the success of each and every project.

The Legal Division

The legal division is in charge of detailed agreements with the property owners and definition of the commitments of the company and the terms agreed upon with the tenants - including the Tama agreements, agreements with service providers, definition of project scope and requirements, as well as hiring sub-contractors as needed. The legal department allows for proper order and organization for each project.

Engineering & Planning Division

The project implementation and management is done by the planning & engineering division, from the permit and to the management, operations, control & tracking, providing solutions as required, providing a creative approach, and making sure the project stays on budget & schedule, with the full implementation of the specification and project requirements, including quality and safety standards - all of those are an inseparable part of a successful building project.

The Innovation Division

The innovation at Esther Avraham is the main key that allows maximizing the opportunities in a project and realizing it's added value to the fullest, thus having unique abilities in the areas of law and business, including comparison to public legal and planning databases and leveraging analysis capabilities, are the roles of the innovation division, and these are the activities that allow the highest added value and renewal, and the success of our projects.

The collaboration between the all the divisions in the companies held by Esther Avraham allows us to be the best in our class, and lead in quality and results in our projects.

With the accompaniment of the corporate divisions, we believe in being here even after the project is completed.

Here to stay.

Sincerely yours,                
Esther Avraham Holdings.

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