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About Esther Avraham Holdings

Powerful entrepreneurship with strong financial backing

Esther Avraham Holdings, fully owned by Adv. Avraham Gavriel Avraham, is a leading entrepreneurial company in Israel with robust financial capabilities.

In addition to the company's equity, Esther Avraham has close business ties to long standing Jewish families in Europe, whereas most of its activity is done with families in Zurich, Amsterdam & London. These Jewish families, in addition to their financial interest in making a profit on their investments, view urban renewal of the cities of Israel as something of great personal value because of their love for Israel.

Innovation on every front, improving modern living standards

The company seeks to locate, identify and execute real-estate projects maximizing the value-add opportunities.

Esther Avraham operates on a mission to improve buildings, neighborhoods, and real estate all across Israel - focusing specifically on the improvement of the lives of each and every individual tenant.

Esther Avraham utilizes innovative tools in both business and legal aspects, and uses technological advancements in real estate planning, to maximize the added value and success of each and every one of the company's projects.

We are guided by the belief that it all starts with people, so we put people first. The personal connection is our privilage, the caring and our ongoing investment in the best service to our clients and tenants, are the pillars that allow our projects to be the best and most lucrative, for both the city and the tenants.

Together with a highly professional team that accompanies our projects, we believe that what matters the most is being here for you, even after project completion.

We are here to stay.

Sincerely yours,               
Esther Avraham Holdings

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