Esther Avraham's expertise - both in the legal and business aspects, combined with the rich experience of the company creates a competitive advantage that allows the company to identify and plan projects with high value increase potential, utilizing innovative planning tools. We plan and execute projects with a wide perspective to create a full suite solution to the tenants.

Esther Avraham is a company operating with the vision to create communities and families, homes and buildings, leading urban renewal in various central cities in Israel utilizing a unique approach - each city is catered for by a specialty company that specializes and studies the particular city in great detail - including Netanya, Petah Tiqva, Givataim & Tel Aviv. We operate in a manner that puts the citizens and their needs first, connecting the old and the new, past and present, and smart renewal with the future modern planning of an urban combination of a total living experience for the citizens of each city.

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